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Member of the International Humanist & Ethical Union (IHEU)

Books and periodicals
Lectures (in Spanish)

The PERUVIAN JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHILOSOPHY´s PUBLICATIONS ASSOCIATION (AERPFA), a non profit organisation, is interested to divulge an applied, humanist, alternative, critical, and alive philosophy for people through lrctures, and audiovisual and printed media in Spanish (More info in the AERPFA´s Manifesto).

We specially welcome papers and (manuscripts of) books on:

-Applied Philosophy to problems of health, education, law, society, politics, ecology, religion, etc.
-Applied Ethics to daily, social, professional and bussiness problems.
-Bioethics (Abortion, assisted fertilization, eutanasia, genetic engineering, etc.)
-Skepticism about paranormal, supernatural and pseudoscientific claims.
We have also several interests in History of Philosophy.

No matter if authors are famous, Peruvian, professional or not. Our goals are to divulge thinkers of a) other tongues into Spanish, and b) Peruvian ones (preferible those who have no easy access to publish).
Send both your manuscripts for periodicals (c. 10 pages A-4 in single space) and abstracts (about 5 lines) both in Spanish and English and a copy in a 3.5" diskette (with text processor for PC preferably) or reviews -not longer than 2 pages- by ordinary mail to:

Lic. Manuel A. Paz y Miño, President, AERPFA, El Corregidor 318, Rímac, Lima 25, Perú.

Or by e-mail:

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Books and periodicals
1. Books:

-Introduction to Atheism by Finngeir Hiorth
-Introduction to Humanism by Finngeir Hiorth
-Ethics for atheists by F. Hiorth
-Does God not exist? by M.A. Paz y Miño
-Authoritarism and Humanism according E. Fromm  by M. A. Paz y Miño
-How to enjoy better sex, love and marriage by M. A. Paz y Miño
-LOGOS: The Great Questions of Man. An Introduction to Philosophy by M. A. Paz y Miño
-ETHOS: Let´s live better! An Introduction to the Problems of Life by M. A. Paz y Miño
-Yesterday´s and Today´s Philosophies. Traditional topics edited by M. A. Paz y Miño
-The Peruvian Philosophical Making by O. Obando (ed.) et al. (published with Ediciones Espigón)
-The Principle of Conservation by F. Gutiérrez
-Values by F. Hiorth
-Can we know if God exists? by Héctor Avalos
-Studying Religion by F. Hiorth
-Big Bang or no Bang? Science, Religion & Philosophy by F Hiorth
-The Forbidden Fruit by Paul Kurtz
-Absurd & Quackery. Essays on Pseudo-science & Rationalism by Andrew Lugg
-Philosophy, Interpretacionism & Performance by Hans Lenk
-Who was Jesus? by Finngeir Hiorth
-Championing Reason by Paul Kurtz

Forthcoming books:
-Yesterday´s and Today´s Philosophies. Special topics edited by M. A. Paz y Miño

2. Periodicals:

I.- EUPRAXOPHIA (Wisdom for a good life), the official periodical of the Peruvian Non-religious Movement:
# 1: Secular Humanism
# 2: The Meaning of Life
# 3: The non-believers

II.- NEO-SKEPSIS (New Skepticism), the official periodical of the Centre of Investigation of Paranormal, the Pseudo-sciences and Irrationality in Peru:

# 1: Pseudosciences
# 2: The UFO Phenomenon
# 3: Paranormal & Parapsychology

It is an independent, intercampus, interdisciplinary and international periodical in Spanish (with English abstracts).
Authors interested in a (philosophical) discussion and solution of practical and social problems in relation to Law, Politics, Medicine, Education, Economics, (Bio)Ethics, Religion, Science, etc.- are invited cordially to send their papers. (Sometimes RPFAwill have sections for traditional philosophical articles).

# 1: Miscellaneous
# 2: Miscellaneous
# 3: Philosophy of Science
# 4: Social Philosophy
# 5: Philosophy of Religion
# 6: Bioethics
# 7: University´s Mission
# 8: Ethics and Moral
# 9: Political Philosophy
# 10: Philosophy alive
# 11: A Peruvian Social Thinker: Manuel González Prada
# 12: Miscellaneous

IV.- PERUVIAN & IBERO-AMERICAN BIOETHICS publishes papers on Bioethics and Medical Ethics --not only in Spanish but also Portuguese--.

# 1
# 2

V.- PROBLEMS OF DEMOCRACY & POLITICS publishes papers on Contemporary issues on Democracy and Politics.

# 1

VI.- TEACHING TO PHILOSOPHIZING publishes papers on teaching of Philosophy to children and adults.

# 1

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