Personal Particulars
Name: Flew Antony Garrard Newton
Place of Birth: Ealing, London
Date of Birth: 11 february, 1923
Nationality: British, by birth

Family: Married: since 28 june 1952. two daughters: one born 11 july 1961; the other born 8 March 1964

Academic Career
I. Schools: St. Faiths Preparatory School, Cambridge (1930-36) and Kingswood School, Bath (1936-41)
II. War Service: State Scholar in japanese at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London (1942-43). RAF Intelligence (1943-5). Final rank: Flying officer. Final Appointment: Attached to Air Ministry, (Bletchley Park)
III. University: Exhibitioner and later, Casberd Scholar of St. John´s College Oxford. First Calss Honours in Litterae Humaniores (´Greats´) in December 1947. Awarded the University Prize in Philosophy - the John Locke Scholarship in Mental Philosophy - twelve months later.
IV. Degrees: B.A (Oxon), 1947; converted into M.A., 1949 D. Litt. (1974)

Permanent teaching appointments:
1. Lecturer in Philosophy at Christ Church, University of Oxford (January 1949 - September 1950).
2. Lecturer in Moral Philosophy at King's College, University of Aberdeen (Octuber 1950 - September 1954).
3. Professor of Philosophy, University of Keele (Octuber 1954 - December 1971)
4. Professor of Philosophy in the University of Reading (May 1973 - December 1982)
5. On taking early retirement from reading, appointed on a half-time basis as Professor of Philosophy in York University, Toronto: spending the first semesters of the calendar years 1983, 1984 and 1985 there.

1. A New Approach to Psychical Research
2. Hume's Philosophy of Belief
3. God and Philology
4. Evolutiotionary Ethics
5. An Introduction to Western Philosophy
6. Crime or Disease?
7. Thinking about thinking
8. The Presumption of Atheism, and other philosophical essays on God, Freedom an Immortality
9. Sociology, Equality and Education: Philosophical Essays in defense of a variety of Differences
10. (With T. b. Warren) The Warren Flew Debate
11. A Rational Animal: Philosophical Essays on the Nature of Man
12. Philosphy: An Introduction
13. The politics of Procrustes: Contradictions of Enforced Equality
14. Darwinian Evolution
15. David Hume: Philosopher of Moral Science
16. (With Godfrey Vesey) Agency and Necessity
17. The logic of Morality
18. Power to the Parents: reversing Educational Decline
19. Equallity in Liberty and Justice
20. Thinking about Social Thinking
21. (With T.L. Miethe) Does God Exist?
22. Atheistic Humanism
23. Shephard´s Warning: Setting Schools Back on Course
24. Philosophical Essays of Antony Flew
25. How to Think Straight
26. Social Life and Moral Judgment

 Dr. Antony Flew is a honorary member of the Peruvian Editions of Applied Philosophy (AERPFA)